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2012.02.01. 09:53 | freshmen | Szólj hozzá!

Ezt a felhívást kaptuk ma. Nagyon izgalmasan hangzik mind a témája, mind a környezet ahol megvalósul. A helyszín Szlovénia, a dátum február 17. Ha bárkit érdekel keressen minket:


The exchange starts on 17th of February 2012!

Project description:
This multilateral youth exchange will take place from 17th to 24th
February, 2012 in Kostanjevica na Krki, Slovenia involving 5 promoters
– 5 youngsters and 1 leader from Slovenia and 4 different countries.

The target group of the project are youngsters aged 18-25, who are
devoted to Europe’s future and willing to improve their sense of
global solidarity and commitment concerning current issues.

Participants will get to know how globalization – economic, social and
cultural phenomenon is affecting our daily lives and the environment
we live in.
We believe the youth exchange will give them a good
opportunity to learn more about the changes caused by globalization.

During the exchange we’re going to have an interesting excursion into
a protected forest area and learn about importance of protecting the
natural habitats.

Finally, during the exchange we are going to work towards an
understanding, that it is not important to be for or against
globalisation, but to react to change and to act accordingly, is what
really counts.